Lawn Mowing Pricing

*This is being updated for the 2022 mowing season, As operating/labor/Fuel/living costs are rising quickly across the charts.

Pricing is determined by many factors such as, yard size, terrain (flat or hilly), obstacles , frequency, accessibility, parking, distance from our shop, fences/gates,

Currently we are accepting weekly and bi-weekly Residential and Commercial clients. Please fill out our online form to receive a quote and get in contact with our mowing department.

80$-120$ per acre.

A human will lookup your property using google earth, satellites, maps, and street to measure your lot accurately and return a quote through email.

Our Prices START at 35$. If your lawn is small with no fence and close to our shop we can usually quote you 35$ or come close.

Most Clients pay between $45-$65. Majority of our clients will need weekly mowing to keep the grass under 6 inches and looking top notch, while avoiding overgrown fees.

This is a no contract prepaid service. costs and quotes along with pricing could change anytime based on the status of the economy. We will do our best to try and continue to bring you quality and professional, reliable lawn mowing services at an affordable price. We have taken extra steps to consolidate our routes and costs in general without sacrificing quality and care, so Indy Lawn Mowing can continue to deliver quality lawn care to Indianapolis, IN

Please check our service area, if you are not in it, there could be a significant fuel charge.



Long Grass Policy

In cases where your grass is overgrown (greater than 8inches), we have to charge an additional fee. This compensates the lawn service crew for the additional time it takes to complete the job. Therefore, we need to charge up to 2x the original price in cases of overgrown grass, due to the fact that we will need to mow it several times and clean up will take longer.

In cases where the grass is extremely overgrown (taller than 12 inches), we will get you a custom quote for the completion of the job, as in these cases it often takes much more time and/or specialty equipment.

These policies ensure that