Lawn Mowing Payments/Invoicing

A Simple NO CONTRACT, PREPAID. Billing of Lawn Mowing Services for Indianapolis IN.

Invoicing is currently done through email with PayPal Business. You can pay the invoice with a credit/debt card or with a PayPal / Venmo account. Simply Open the Email, with the invoice, sent from PayPal.

We will invoice through email, 4 Lawn Mowings for weekly customers or 2 Lawn Mowings for bi-weekly customers. You will have to PREPAY before we start or continue service. If we do not receive payment, we will not mow as scheduled.

We Must Receive Payment before we can add you to our route/schedule.

After the last prepaid lawn mowing is done, we will invoice within 1-3 days for the next set of prepaid lawn mowings. All lawn mowing clients will need to pay this within 2 days, to remain active and hold a spot on the route/schedule. If the invoice is not paid, you will become inactive and removed from the route/schedule, possibly removed as a client, or a reactivation fee of 25$ will be issued, and no guarantees on days or time. There is no longer "monthly" payments.

There will be no refunds, trades or credit given for cancellation of service in the middle of prepaid mows. Especially if it was no fault of our own.

Because we do not require clients to have credit cards on file, or sign a contract, or anything like this, we keep it simple, invoicing though paypal. This the best way.

We cover the paypal fees and taxes. and you have buyer protection.

PayPal Purchase Protection covers all eligible purchases where PayPal is used. Learn More

We will adjust the following months invoice if we have to "skip" due to weather, such as rain or drought

If you would like to request a refund because you did not like our service, quality or something, then I will come look at the property and see if we cant get it taken care of and correct the issue, only after this if I determine that you deserve a refund, I will issue it, usually within 4-7 business days you will receive it, through paypal. I will not do it "instantly".

Refunds are at our discretion. Usually there are none, but if there is, it may be refunded with a money order by mail, or in person. Please allow 30-60 days for these methods

*Any of theses terms conditions or policies may change at any time.